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We supply the original and brand new DMD CHIP for DLP projectors, please contact our sales department for the detail pricing.

DLP DMD chip, 800x600 pixels, model B

Manufacture Code

8060-6038B, 8060-6039B, 8060-6138B, 8060-6139B, 8060-6338B, 8060-6339B, 8060-6438B, 8060-6439B

Compatible with Projector

Acer DSV0817, Acer P1173, Acer QSV0001, Acer QSV0904, Acer QSV1032, Acer QSV1107, Acer QSV1307, Acer QSV1308, Acer X110, Acer X111, Acer X1110, Acer X1110A, Acer X1111, Acer X1111A, Acer X111P, Acer X1130P, Acer X1130PA, Acer X1140, Acer X1140A, Acer X1161, Acer X1161A, Acer X1161N, Acer X1173A, BenQ MP515, LG BS275, Nec NP110, Nec NP110G, Nec NP115, Nec NP115G, Optoma ES523ST, Optoma ES526, Optoma ES526L, Optoma ES529, Optoma ES555, Optoma ES556, Sanyo PDG-DSU30, ViewSonic PJD5122, ViewSonic PJD5126, ViewSonic PJD5132, ViewSonic PJD5134, ViewSonic PJD5151, ViewSonic PJD5152, ViewSonic PJD5153, ViewSonic PJD5154, ViewSonic PJD5155,INFOCUS IN102.

DLP DMD chip, 1024x768 pixels, model B

Manufacture Code

1076-6038B, 1076-6039B, 1076-6138B, 1076-6139B, 1076-6338B, 1076-6339B, 1076-6438B, 1076-6439B

Compatible with Projector

Acer DNX0009, Acer DNX0811, Acer DNX0814, Acer DNX1120, Acer FNX1102, Acer P1200, Acer P1200B, Acer P1200C, Acer P1200I, Acer P1200N, Acer P1201, Acer P1201B, Acer P1203, Acer P1203PB, Acer P1206, Acer P1206P, Acer P1220, Acer P1223, Acer P3251, Acer P5271, Acer P5271i, Acer P5281, Acer P5290, Acer X1220H, Acer X1223, Acer X1261, Acer X1261P, Acer X1270, BenQ MP575, BenQ MP615P, BenQ MP625P, BenQ MX511, BenQ MX660, LG BX275, LG BX275-SD, LG BX327, LG BX327-JD, LG HX300G, Mitsubishi EX240U, Mitsubishi EX320U, Nec NP210, Nec NP210G, Nec NP215, Nec NP215G, Nec NP216, Nec NP216G, Nec NP-U250X, Nec NP-U250XG, Nec U250X, Nec U250XG, Optoma DX319P, Optoma EX531, Optoma EX536, Optoma EX536L, Optoma EX539, Optoma EX540, Optoma EX540i, Optoma EX542, Optoma EX542i, Optoma EX550, Optoma EX551, Optoma EX555, Optoma EX556, Optoma EX605ST, Optoma EX605ST-EDU, Optoma EX610ST, Optoma EX610ST-EDU, Optoma EX612, Optoma EX612i, Optoma EX615, Optoma EX615i, Optoma EX762, Sharp XR-55X, Smart UF75, Smart UNIFI 75, ViewSonic PJD5211, ViewSonic PJD5221, ViewSonic PJD5226, ViewSonic PJD5231, ViewSonic PJD5232L, ViewSonic PJD5234L, ViewSonic PJD5352, ViewSonic PJD5250, ViewSonic PJD5253, ViewSonic PJD5254, ViewSonic PJD5255, ViewSonic PJD5353LS, ViewSonic PJD6223, ViewSonic PJD6235, ViewSonic PJD6245, ViewSonic PJD6252L, ViewSonic PJD6253, ViewSonic PJD6350, ViewSonic PJD6352, ViewSonic PJD6352LS, ViewSonic PJD6353, ViewSonic PJD6353S, ViewSonic PJD6383, ViewSonic PJD6383S, ViewSonic PJD7326, ViewSonic PJD7382, ViewSonic PJD7383, ViewSonic PJD7383I, Vivitek D511.

DLP DMD chip, 1280x800 pixels, model B

Manufacture Code

1280-6038B, 1280-6039B, 1280-6138B, 1280-6139B, 1280-6238B, 1280-6239B, 1280-6338B, 1280-6339B, 1280-6438B, 1280-6439B

Compatible with Projector

Acer DNX0815, Acer DNX0907, Acer DWX0815, Acer DWX1015, Acer DWX1126, Acer DWX1129, Acer DWX1305, Acer DWX1402, Acer P1303PW, Acer P1303W, Acer P1373WB, Acer P1383W, Acer X1383WH, Acer P5390W, Acer S1370WHN, Acer X133PWH, BenQ MP780ST, BenQ MW512, BenQ MW811ST, Casio XJ-A241, Dell 1610HD, Dell S500, Dell S500wi, Mitsubishi EW230U-ST, Mitsubishi WD380U-EST, Nec NP-U260W, Nec NP-U260WG, Nec NP-U310W, Nec U260W, Nec U260WG, Nec U310W, Optoma DAEWUSUST, Optoma DW318, Optoma EW533ST, Optoma EW536, Optoma EW556, Optoma EW605ST, Optoma EW605ST-EDU, Optoma EW610ST, Optoma EW610ST-EDU, Optoma EW615i, Optoma EW762, Optoma GT720, Optoma GT750, Optoma GT760, Optoma H100, Optoma HD600X-LV, Optoma HD66, Promethean PRM35, Promethean PRM-35, Smart UNIFI 75W, Smart UF75W, ViewSonic LS810, ViewSonic PJD5533W, ViewSonic PJD5553LWS, ViewSonic PJD5555W, ViewSonic PJD6543W, ViewSonic PJD6550LW, ViewSonic PJD6551W, ViewSonic PJD6552LW, ViewSonic PJD6552LWS, ViewSonic PJD6553W, ViewSonic PJD6683W, ViewSonic PJD6683WS, ViewSonic PJD7526W, ViewSonic PJD7583W, ViewSonic PJD7583WI.

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